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Well, Saturday, January 8th was certainly an exciting day for the NFL wildcard playoffs!  It was a day full of nail biters and upsets and many surprises.

The day started out with the New Orleans Saints taking on the Seattle Seahawks at Qwest Field.  The Seahawks went in to yesterday’s game with nothing but a losing record, 7-9 in the regular season (the worse EVER for a divisional winner) and hope and a prayer.  They came out with a big ol’ W and a crowd in disbelief.   The Saints were expected to crush the Seahawks, but due to a lackluster running game.  Matt Hasselbeck, the now superstar Seahawk’s quarterback, threw for 282 yards and four touchdowns in a near flawless showing.  The Seahawks took the Saints with a 41-36 victory over the defending Super Bowl Champs.  They did this by actually showing up for the game and with leadership and big plays.  This is a momentous occasion for the city of Seattle and something that was desperately needed, as they recently lost the SuperSonics.

Later in the evening, the New York Jets took on the Indianapolis Colts.  This was a pretty tight game throughout.  The Jets were expected to take the Colts, but the ponies were not going to go down easy.  The Jet’s Coach Rex Ryan, son of legendary former Bears defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan of the ‘85 Bears Super Bowl fame, said it was personal between him and Colt’s quarterback Patton Manning.  It is said that Ryan is one of the best defensive minds in the NFL, and he has made some of the most impressive defenses in recent years in Baltimore and New York. Ryan has yet to beat Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.  That was, until last night.  Ryan found his golden goose by keeping control of Manning by keeping him on the sidelines.  His well thought out game of keepaway landed the Jets with a win of 17-16, a big upset to the Colts.  It was thought that the Colts would take the game with a 1 point lead with 53 seconds remaining on the clock.  Manning drove the Colts 48 yards in eight plays for a 50 yard field goal by Adam Vinatieri.  But the Jets weren’t ready to lay down.  They had a 47-yard kickoff return by Antonio Cromatie that set the Jets up near midfield.  Two passes by QB Mark Sanchez for 30 yards enables Nick Folk to be in range for the game winning 32-yard field goal just as time expired.  It was CERTAINLY a nail biter all the way up to the end.

Today’s game will see the Ravens taking on the Chiefs and the Packers taking on the Eagles.  If yesterday’s gams are any indication, we’re in for some more excitement!

The Jets will take on the Patriots.

The Steelers will play the winners on Ravens vs. Chiefs.

The Seahawks or the Packers will take on the Falcons.

Since the Seahawks beat the Saints, the Bears will either player the Eagles or Seahawks in the divisional playoffs.

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