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2013 MLB Opening Day ScheduleThe 2012 MLB winter meetings just recently concluded and those hot stove trade rumors are starting to percolate through the world of baseball.  Now is the time many baseball fans start getting excited about the upcoming 2013 baseball season and start things about planning trips to the old ballpark (or new ballpark in many cases).  Tops on the list for many baseball fans are acquiring tickets to opening day.  For many, seeing their favorite teams kick off a fresh season is an annual tradition.  However, unless you are a season ticket holder, many fans are left in the dark as tickets to the first home game often sell out quickly – especially in major markets New York, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles.

However, when doing some research online I found that no one has yet to put together a list of opening day and home opener games for each MLB team for the 2013 season.  With that in mind we decided to publish a handy dandy list of the 1st home game for each team.  Whether you are a ticket broker looking for a list of games to market or simply a fan trying makes sense of the 2013 baseball schedule, we hope you find this list useful.

With the 2013 MLB baseball season still months away, the are not a whole lot of tickets available in our MLB classifieds.  If you need tickets now be sure to check out Tickifieds Direct’s selection of wholesale MLB tickets.