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Bush injury and his impact on the Game Plan

The Reggie Bush injury in New Orleans could have some effects on the way the Saints game plan and in their play calling. He is expected to miss four to six weeks according to reports with a fractured fibula. Bush is a versatile player that is not a true running back in the sense that he has to get touches out of the backfield to produce numbers. He is a type of wild card that is used all over the field. One area Bush has a real impact in is special teams as a punt returner. For his career is averaging a solid 8 yards per return. The New Orleans Saints benefit greatly by having a shortened field to start offensive possessions.  Bush’s ability to catch the ball out of the backfield provides the Saints with another weapon in an already lethal and deep receiving unit. Coach Sean Payton uses Bush a lot in the screen game so he will have to improvise to make up for the loss. Bush has a career yards per reception average of seven, which is excellent for a running back. The Saints use different personnel for creative offensive sets. They often use three wide receivers with one tight end and running back to four wide receivers and one running back. Drew Brees has such a command of the offense that he can distribute the ball effectively to a number of receivers and Payton utilizes Bush to get him the ball in open spaces so he can use his lateral movement and speed. Now Payton will have to revise the offensive sets to make up for the loss of Bush.

Bush’s injury will impact the Saints, as he is a solid piece of the puzzle. Game plans don’t change drastically for the most part so in the league so Payton will leverage the good talent he has already to modify some aspects of the offense.

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