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Tickifieds 2.0 Launched with Improved SEO and Site Speed

Tickifieds RedesignedIn case you haven’t noticed, we at Tickifieds are not timid when it comes to redesgining our website. This past weekend we officially launched the new look on our award winning event ticket classifieds. This time, however, we did much more than just make the site look a little prettier.  We’ve added some new features, made the site more user friendly, and most importantly we made some changes to make your ticket listing more search engine friendly.

We have been toying with the idea of using microformat data in an effort to help search engines find relevant information of each of our listings for several months.  However, after our site suffered a loss in traffic following the infamous Google “Penguin” update, we decided to finally get serious about it.  If you haven’t yet heard of microformats, it is essentially a standardized vocabulary of HTML tags that you can use tell search engines what the on page text actually is.  What is great about it is that they have entire schemas for events in which you can specify things like event name, event location, event date, event description, and offers.  By structuring our data this way it allows the major search engines to better understand our ticket listings and improve the display of search results.    Using microformats allows search engines to display rich snippets in the search results which has shown to increase the click rate.  For more information on the use of structure microformat data check out

In addition to some better on page search engine optimization, we have also made some improvements to the design.  Since social signals are increasingly being used by search engines to determine importance of a page, we have tweaked how we display the social sharing buttons.  Now on the right hand side of the page you will see a small vertical bar that scrolls with the page and allows users to quickly share and promote Tickifieds content.

We’ve also made several other enhancements and additions.  We have enhanced our User Control Panel which allows you to quickly login/logout, access you user profile, list of ads, and purchase history.  We’ve decreased the amount of code (javascript, CSS, and HTML) and employed the use of CloudFlare’s CDN and web optimization services so that the site loads even faster!

So if you have yet checked out Tickifieds 2.0 please do so and tell us what you think.  We owe a large part of our success to you so we certainly value your feedback.


Tickifieds Launches “Tickifieds Direct” Beta

Tickifieds Direct Beta Launch DayIn an effort to provide greater service to our loyal users, Glowfly Media LLC is excited to announce the official launch of Tickifieds Direct (Beta).  We have partnered with one of the largest sources of event tickets in an effort to provide visitors with more  choices when considering buying tickets and access to even more events.  While the primary mission of Tickifieds free ticket classifieds is, and continues to be, to provide an open and transparent marketplace where ticket owners can sell their tickets and compete to gain your business, we noticed that many events were not listed on our classifieds.  After careful analysis of our traffic and internal search data, we realized that as many as 25% of our visitors were searching for tickets that had not yet been listed.  Rolling out Tickifieds Direct is a way to keep ticket buyers from leaving the site without finding what they are looking for.  Afterall, the goal of Tickifieds is to become the defacto place to shop for tickets to sporting events, concerts, and theatre.

As mentioned above, Tickifieds Direct will help fill in the events that are missing from our classified listings.  With hundreds of events taking place everyday, it is unrealistic to think that users will post tickets for sale to each of these events.  What we find is that most people who list tickets on our classifieds are listing the more popular events.  For example, a simple query for a popular performer like country music star Jason Aldean will result in over 380 ads with nearly 950 tickets available.  However, a search for a less popular performer like pianist Stephen Hough and you will find just 2 tickets available. While this makes perfect sense for anyone selling tickets, it certainly doesn’t provide visitors to our site with an adequate amount of options for their entertainment dollar.

If you haven’t yet checked out Tickifieds Direct, please do.    Since we are in the Beta phase we are always looking to improve the site and make it more user friendly.  If you have any suggestions or tips on how we can improve the site please leave us a comment!


Tickifieds Top 10 Weekly Searches – One Direction Back on Top

One Direction Tour is #1After just 1 week sitting at #2 on the weekly Top 10 Weekly Searches, One Direction (1D) has reclaimed the top spot.  We would go into detail as to why One Direction is dominating the event ticket industry right but we have been there and done that.  What is more intriguing this week is the return of sports to the list.  It’s not all that surprising as both the NBA and NHL playoff are heating up significantly (no pun intended).  Last week the NBA playoffs suffered a big blow as Derek Rose and the major market Chicago Bulls fell to the Philadelphia 76ers.  Many fans thought that meant the Miami Heat had an easy and uninteresting path to the NBA Finals.  However, Lebron Jame and Dwayne Wade lost their partner in crime Chris Bosh to an injury.  Following the loss of Bosh the Heat have lost 2 in a row to the #3 seeded Indiana Pacers.  The series between the Heat and Pacers has been getting testy and, as a result, both the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers are this week’s #2 and #3 search terms this week.

Also making the top ten this week are the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook led team is up 3-1 on the Lakers and looks like they will be facing the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Western Conference Finals.  Playoff hockey is also generating quite a bit of fan interest as the LA Kings come in at #4 and the NY Rangers #8.    The Kings are up 3-0 on the Phoenix Coyotes and will look advance to the Stanley Cup Finals with another win on Sunday.  The Rangers are currently up 2-1 and will be in New Jersey for game 4 on Monday, and at Madison Square Garden for game 5 on Wednesday.  Here is the rest of the top 10.

Top 10 Tickifieds Ticket Searches

1.  One Direction

The British Boy Band invasion continues as One Direction reclaims the top spot on the Tickifieds search results.  1D fans are still scrambling to find tickets to these sold out show with prized meet and greet tickets demanding top dollar.

2.  Miami Heat

There always seems to be drama in Miami Heat locker room.  Chris Bosh is out and Dwayne Wade continues to act like a child and the Heat find themselves down 1-2 against the superstar-less Indiana Pacers.  The Heat maybe the most polarizing team in professional sports and it is reflected in ticket interest.

3.  Indiana Pacers

Not many gave the Indiana Pacers a chance to even win a game against the Heat let alone have a chance to get past them and go to the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals.  Pacer fans are starting to believe and fan in Indianapolis would love to be there when the Heat go down.

4.  Los Angeles Kings

The LA Kings came out of nowhere and have dominated the NHL Western Conference.  The Kings are up 3-0 and look like a lock to make the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Finals.  Not bad for a #8 seed no one thought would make it out of the first round.

5.  Mexico vs Brasil Soccer

International friendly soccer matches are garnering a lot of attention this year as soccer is starting to gain traction in the US.  The match between Mexico and Brasil is one of the biggest.

6.  Avicii

Tim Bergling, aka Avicii, is apparently taking the US by storm.  The Swedish DJ, remixer, and record producer is hot right as indicated by his numerous sold out shows throught the country.

7.  Oklahoma City Thunder

With the Heat not looking like the team James and Wade proclaimated would win not two, three, four, but 7 NBA Championship, the door is wide open for the Thunder.  While OKC is not a major market sports city, fans are still selling out the stadium.

8.  New York Rangers

New Yorkers love their sports and the Rangers are perhaps the best team in the city.  The Rangers are currently up 2-1 in the NHL Eastern Conference Finals and are just 2 games away from the Stanley Cup Finals.

9.  American Idol

With American Idol down to the final 2 contestants (Phil Philips and Jessica Sanchez), fans are gearing up for the live tour.  Although tickets are still available in many cities, premium seats are long gone.

10.  LSU Football

For sports fans not into the NBA, NHL, or MLB, college football is just a few short months away.  The LSU Tigers are expected to once again compete for a national title despite losing half the team to the NFL in this years draft.  Tickets are already available on a limited basis.

This top 10 list is compiled from internal search data from and organic traffic from search engines.  Search terms are ranked by using a combination of both sources of search data.

Ticket SEO Post Panda and Penguin

Optimizing Ticket SEO with the Latest Google UpdatesIt’s been a while since we touched on search engine optimization for event tickets and boy has a lot changed.  In case you haven’t heard or haven’t noticed, Google has released a series of updates to their search algorithm over the past year which was dubbed the “Panda” update.  The Panda update was Google’s attempt to remove poor quality content from it’s search results.  While there is debate on what Google deems poor quality content, the result was that out-dated, poorly written, and largely plagiarized content were penalized or filtered in the search results.  For the most part, if website owners were good about using high-quality original content they probably didn’t notice much of a change in traffic from search engines.  Tickifieds was lucky enough to avoid any appreciable impact of the Panda update.

Continue Reading >> Top Ticket Searches (3/2 to 3/4/2012)

Well the weekend is about over and I hope that all our loyal readers feel much more refreshed than I do.  It was an extremely busy weekend over here as we have been slaving away working on a new project – Event Bark.  Event Bark is a local event and entertainment guide where users can list local events.  While you may think that sounds a lot like Tickifieds it is actually quite different.  Although you can list event tickets for sale, Event Bark is much more focused on local and community events.  So, in addition to the normal concert, theater, and sporting events users can list thinks like garage sales, benefits and fundraisers, If you have a few minutes I encourage you to check it out and let us know what you think.  It has some really cool features such as integrated maps where you can view local events.  Any feedback would be appreciated as the site is still in beta.

Now, that the Event Bark pitch is out of the way, let’s take a look at what was hot over the weekend terms of ticket searches.  Top this weekend was swedish DJ Avicii who has 2 sold out shows in Kingston, RI and Amherst, MA in April.  It seems club music is here to stay with the popularity of Avicii, Bassnectar, and Skrillex.  Who knew?  Also ranking well this weekend are college basketball with conference tournament on the schedule for the upcoming week and international soccer.  The US and Mexico have scheduled several “Friendlies” leading up to the CONCACAF Olympic qualifying matches that seem to be extremely popular.  So here are the Top 25 Tickets searches this weekend…

Top 25 Ticket Searches (3/2/2012 to 3/4/2012)

  1. Avicii
  2. Big East Basketball Tournament
  3. Madea Gets A Job
  4. USA vs Antigua Soccer
  5. Florence and the Machine
  6. NCAA Tournament
  7. Young the Giant
  8. Eric Church
  9. Big 10 Basketball Tournament
  10. Mexico vs Senegal
  11. Eddie Vedder
  12. ACC Basketball Tournament
  13. USA vs Scotland Soccer
  14. The Naked and Famous
  15. Zac Brown Band
  16. USA vs Brazil Soccer
  17. Kelly Clarkson
  18. Kenny Rogers
  19. The Kooks
  20. Cody Simpson
  21. Madonna
  22. Jason Aldean
  23. Brazil vs Argentina Soccer
  24. Big 12 Basketball Tournament
  25. SEC Basketball Tournament

If you are looking for tickets to see any of the above performers be sure to check out the ticket listings at!