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Fleetwood Mac Will Tour in 2012

Fleetwood Mac is set to tour in 2012.

Drummer Mick Fleetwood has revealed that the legendary band featuring the phenomenal vocals of Stevie Nicks, will reunite for a huge tour in 2012.

Band guitarist Lindsey Buckingham previously claimed that a Fleetwood Mac reunion was likely although no official statement or solid plans were released. The band members are all eager to start touring again.

Speaking to the Alternative Press, Fleetwood revealed. “We’re going out next year. We’re all creatures of habit and we love what we do… Whatever has happened, we are together.”

The last time Fleetwood Mac treked across the globe was in 2009 with their ‘Unleashed’ tour. This tour will be in response to both Buckingham’s album as well as Stevie Nicks‘ “In Your Dreams,” which came out in May and features both Buckingham and Fleetwood. Buckingham says that “there’s been talk about doing another Fleetwood Mac album,” but Fleetwood feels it will unlikely happen prior to the tour.

No tour dates have been set yet, but Fleetwood said to Billboard, “We’re so disorganized as a band, I don’t know what to tell you. All we know is we’re working next year. I’ll get a phone call that we’re going to start rehearsing — usually in a blind panic because we leave everything (until) way too late. But we’re all up for touring in the early summer of next year, I think, and once we start we’re much like U2 and the (Rolling) Stones in terms of workload. We basically play until no one wants to book us anymore.”

The band really came together and enjoyed great popularity from 1975 to 1987, when they came out with more of a pop sound and featured the current line-up of Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. Fleetwood Mac’s second album after the incorporation of Nicks and Buckingham, 1977’s Rumours, created four U.S. Top 10 singles (including Nicks’ song “Dreams”, which was the band’s first and only U.S. number one) and remained in the top positiion on the American albums chart for 31 weeks, as well as reaching the number one spot in various countries around the world. As of this writing, the album has sold over 40 million copies worldwide, making it the ninth highest selling album of all time.

Stay tuned for tour Fleetwood Mac’s 2012 tour dates!