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It’s NCAA and Bowl Championship Series Time!

December 5th is here and the NCAA and Bowl Championship Series (BCS) are officially inviting teams to the 35 Bowl games that will be played around the country.  Fans of college football are rubbing their hands together in anticipation of one of the most exciting times of the year.  These fans are excitedly awaiting selection Sunday so they can book trips and buy their 2011 college football bowl game tickets and cheer their teams on to victory!

On December 18th, the NCAA Football game season opens with three bowl games (the New Orleans Bowl, Humanitarian Bowl, and the New Mexico Bowl) and will culminate with the BCS National Championship game at University of Phoenix Stadium in the New Year on January 10th, 2011.  The Fiesta Bowl (January 1, 2011), Orange Bowl (January 3, 2011), Sugar Bowl (January 4, 2011), Rose Bowl (January 1, 2011), and the BCS National Championship game are the most awaited and prominent games.

Customarily, the BCS Bowl games select specific conference winners to participate.  However, this is a tricky endeavor as it depends on what teams from their specific conference end up in the BCS Championship game.  In the Rose Bowl, the Big 10 champion traditionally battles against the winner of the PAC 10 conference.   The Orange Bowl includes the ACC Champion, The Fiesta Bowl is comprised of the Big 12 champion; while the Sugar Bowl takes the SEC Champion.  The rest of the picks are made up from the top playing teams across the country as indicated by an intricate combination of polls, BCS Rankings, and conference finish.  In sum, if one of those teams is already playing in the BCS Championship game, then the traditional picks for those games are thrown out the window with the kitchen sink and the process gets even that much more convoluted.

Other popular bowls include the Chick-fil-A bowl (ACC vs SEC), Capital One Bowl (Big 10 vs SEC), Champs Sports Bowl (ACC vs Big East) and the Outback Bowl (Big 10 vs SEC).  Those can attract a significant amount of attention.  Additionally, two new bowl games being introduced this year include the New Era Pinstripe Bowl (Big 12 vs Big East) held at Yankee Stadium in New York, NY and the Ticket City Bowl (Big 10 vs Big 12) at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX.

This is an exceptionally exciting time of year for football fans.  This can mean that tickets are going to be hard to find.  As always, check out the great ticket deals on 2011 Bowl Game Tickets at