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NFL 2010 Ticket Sales Heat Up as Season Approaches

The 91st Season of NFL is set for Kick off on September 9th with the SuperBowl XLIV Champions        New Orleans Saints playing Minnesota Vikings, a match featuring the finalists of the 2009 NFC Championship game. NFL 2010 regular season will be played in a format different than the one practiced earlier. Instead of schedule alignment based on Alphabetical Order, this time the teams from the east coast would not be required to travel to west coast multiple times in the season and will only have to play one west coast team and one team from the same conference in Midwest.

These changes in scheduling will also make the 2010 NFL season a little more anticipated. The rush to Buy NFL Tickets was apparent when the schedule was announced with many die-hard fans purchasing the Tickets to their favourite fixtures. In order to Buy NFL tickets you might want to check the schedule beforehand as your favourite NFL teams might have a couple of unfamiliar opponents. As we write the NFL Preseason games are on and the teams are looking to fine tune their strategies and look at various combinations to form their game plans.

Though the NFL is always too close to call but New England Patriots seem to be the bookies Pick for the Championship this season. With the scramble on to get discount NFL tickets make sure you get the best prices as 2010 NFL may be a season that you want to catch many games of.