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Super Bowl XLIV: Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints

Well, the AFC and NFC Conference Championship are complete and we now have our Super Bowl 44 teams set.  This year the New Orleans Saints will face off against the Indianapolis Colts in what should amount to one of the best Super Bowls in recent memory.  Not only do you have the post-Katrina New Orleans story, but you also have the battle of 2 of the best Quarterbacks in the NFL with Drew Brees and Peyton Manning.  What’s more is that the NFL Championship will feature 2 of the highest scoring offenses in NFL history.  While this game may not be a defensive battle this shootout should have the gamblers and fans on the edge of their seats all game.

For those in the ticket industry, the Super Bowl marks one of the biggest sales opportunity of the year.  With tickets prices averaging around $2500 a ticket big profits are to be made.  Even more some Super Bowl Luxury Suite tickets are some of the most expensive tickets ever going for almost $300,000.00!  Sell a couple of those and your year is probably set.