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2010 SEC Football Championship Matchup Set

CamNewton-aubrun-tigers-ticketsHooray!  The best time of the year has arrived.  No, not Turkey Day nor even the Holidays.  The Bowl Championship games are firming up, culminating with the SEC Championship game which was just finalized.   The Auburn Tigers are set to play the South Carolina Gamecocks at the Georgia Dome on December 4th, 2010.

This is shaping up to be an entertaining and competitve game, given all the Cam Newton drama that has been going on.  After Auburn’s win versus Georiga, Newton was mysteriously absent after the game;  no interviews, no comments,no reasoning from the coaches,  no nothing.  That’s not surprising given the controversey over the allegations that his father solicited BIG money during the recruiting process.  Newton is the current Golden Boy at Auburn.  During the 3 hour, 39-minute battle against Georgia, with 299 yards in total offense, Newton was on fire.  He became the first player ever in SEC history to throw 2,000 and rush for 1,000 in a season.  Although Auburn is looking primed to make an appearance in the BCS title game, they will still have to beat the defending National Champion Alabama Crimson tide in the Iron Bowl and beat the Gamecocks in the SEC title game in order to guarantee a spot in the big game.

South Carolina, on the other hand, is fresh off a major beat down of the Florida Gators.  Steve Spurrier was able to best his former team 36-14 in order to qualify for their first SEC Championship game since joining the conference in 1992.  The Gamecocks were 0-12 in Gainesville up until this big win.  Although the South Carolina Gamecocks are just 7-3 (5-3 SEC) they certainly have momentum on their side with big wins over Alabama and Florida on their resume.  They also will not have to deal with the distractions plagued by Auburn.  There is no doubt that head coach Steve Spurrier will have his players well prepared with so much at stake.  A win over Auburn and South Carolina will advance to the Bowl Championship Series.

Auburn will no doubt be heavy favorites in the SEC Football Championship game as they are currently ranked #2 in the Nation.  A win for the Tigers and they will be bound for the BCS title game.  Stay tuned to see how the soap opera unfolds.