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Tickifieds 2.0 Launched with Improved SEO and Site Speed

Tickifieds RedesignedIn case you haven’t noticed, we at Tickifieds are not timid when it comes to redesgining our website. This past weekend we officially launched the new look on our award winning event ticket classifieds. This time, however, we did much more than just make the site look a little prettier.  We’ve added some new features, made the site more user friendly, and most importantly we made some changes to make your ticket listing more search engine friendly.

We have been toying with the idea of using microformat data in an effort to help search engines find relevant information of each of our listings for several months.  However, after our site suffered a loss in traffic following the infamous Google “Penguin” update, we decided to finally get serious about it.  If you haven’t yet heard of microformats, it is essentially a standardized vocabulary of HTML tags that you can use tell search engines what the on page text actually is.  What is great about it is that they have entire schemas for events in which you can specify things like event name, event location, event date, event description, and offers.  By structuring our data this way it allows the major search engines to better understand our ticket listings and improve the display of search results.    Using microformats allows search engines to display rich snippets in the search results which has shown to increase the click rate.  For more information on the use of structure microformat data check out

In addition to some better on page search engine optimization, we have also made some improvements to the design.  Since social signals are increasingly being used by search engines to determine importance of a page, we have tweaked how we display the social sharing buttons.  Now on the right hand side of the page you will see a small vertical bar that scrolls with the page and allows users to quickly share and promote Tickifieds content.

We’ve also made several other enhancements and additions.  We have enhanced our User Control Panel which allows you to quickly login/logout, access you user profile, list of ads, and purchase history.  We’ve decreased the amount of code (javascript, CSS, and HTML) and employed the use of CloudFlare’s CDN and web optimization services so that the site loads even faster!

So if you have yet checked out Tickifieds 2.0 please do so and tell us what you think.  We owe a large part of our success to you so we certainly value your feedback.


Free Ticket Classifieds now Tickifieds.Com

In order to sustain the unprecedented growth of the world’s largest event ticket classifieds website, we have decide to pack up and move to a new location –  While our service will remain the same (ahem Free), this strategic move will allow us to spread our wings and a build a better community of buyers and sellers of event tickets with a much more memorable and marketable name. We hope that the new Tickifieds brand name will become the defacto place to buy and sell tickets to any event in North America.

Tickifieds Logo

While the migration went live today, we are planning some major upgrades, new features, and a massive marketing campaign to build upon the success we have achieved over the past 3 plus years.  Although we have done our job to ensure no links will be left un-redirected, we thought we’d provide you with a list of some of more common links so that you can check out what the new Tickifieds has to offer.

Sports Tickets:  MLB Tickets, MLS Tickets, NASCAR Tickets, NBA Tickets, NCAA Tickets, NFL Tickets, NHL Tickets

Concert Tickets (Select popular States): Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Wisconsin

We’d love to hear from all our loyal users about our big move. As always, feel free to suggest any design or features you would like to see as we work towards making Tickifieds the #1 destination for event tickets in the world!




Competing with Craigslist?

This post may be a bit unrelated to “Ticket Classifieds”, but I’ve often been asked by others who are looking to tap into the online classifieds market about what it takes to make it and can be surpassed as the undisputed “King of Classifieds”. Before I delve into this question further, let’s identify some of the top online classifieds sites out there (Alexa Traffic Rank in parentheses).

  1. (#38)
  2. (#936)
  3. (#1021)
  4. (#2953)
  5. (#3066)
  6. (#4,762)
  7. (#10,083) 1.2 M
  8. (#10,263)
  9. (#10,433)
  10. Vast (#18,939)
  11. (#20,766)
  12. (#28,071)
  13. (#29,400)
  14. (#31,067)
  15. (#79, 591)
  16. (#82,145)

What you notice from this list is that you have Craigslist (CL), then a huge gap between the next closest competitor.It would seem that CLs grasp on the market is pretty insurmountable until you consider the fact that Craigslist has 40+ for sale categories, 30+ Jobs categories, personals, and their forums spread across hundreds of cities. So when you consider Craigslist has at least 100 different sections in at least 100 different major cities (10,000 total sections), their 50 million monthly visitors (US) equate to roughly 5000 visitors per month, per category, per city. While that is still a fair amount of traffic and is not evenly distributed, it clearly illustrates that it is feasible to break into the market by simply focusing on a particular niche or geographic location.

Even more promising is the fact that other popular sites like,, and all have significant traffic spread out across the same categories and geographic locations. You take their traffic and spread it out across all their categories and cities and you are talking approximately only 200 vistors per month! While it’s important to remember that these are just averages, it just goes to show you the tremendous opportunity there is for new online classifieds websites if you focus on one niche. Remember, Craigslist started as a local classifieds site just for the San Franciscon Bay Area.

At Free Ticket Classifieds we feel we are well on our way to becoming (if we aren’t already) the “King of Ticket Classifieds” as indicated by our continued increases in traffic and growth. While the ticket categories at Craigslist may still be getting more traffic in major US cities, there is no question that we have surpassed internet giants,,, and Further, our current Alexa rank of 82,145 represents traffic for roughly 1/200 of the US classified market. Factoring that in, our relative Alexa rank would be around 410! A few more months of steady growth and is poised to take over Craigslist as the largest and most visited online ticket classifieds website.




No Shortcuts in Making Ticket Sales

Recently a Free Ticket Classifieds (FTC) user emailed us asking if we had any way to bulk upload an entire inventory of tickets.  While this question has been asked before we thought it was a good example to illustrate why there are no shortcuts to being successful in the secondary ticket market and there is  no substitute to manually promoting your tickets and/or events at Free Ticket Classifieds.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or a full fledged ticket broker it can be difficult to find success in such a competitive market.  Anyone that has examined the industry knows how many ticket websites come and go on a daily basis.  How can a small ticket broker compete with some of the monsters of the industry like Stubhub, Ticketsnow, LiveNation, and TicketMaster with seemingly endless budgets?  Many online ticket sellers fail because they spread themselves too thin thinking they need to promote each of the thousands of events and tickets in their inventory and lose sight of the individual sale.  This common mistake is the single largest reason many ticket websites go under and disappear.  A much better strategy is to focus on a particular niche within the secondary ticket market and work to indivdually promote specific events.

If you think of your ticket business the same way you view any retail store, you will quickly notice not many distribute large product “Sears Catalogs” anymore. These can be expensive and today’s information hungry people only want the “Cliff Notes” version.   FTC is the perfect place to begin putting out the “Cliff Notes” version of your event ticket service highlighting the special events, deals, and reasons to buy from your ticket brokerage firm.  If a ticket buyer wants the “Sears Catalog” version they should be simply going to your “Store” (ie. your website).

Bulk listing tickets does not make good marketing sense nor does it make sense from a search engine optimization standpoint.  Not only will snippets from your inventory be treated as duplicate content by the search engines, it will also serve to dilute the impact of each ticket listed at FTC (or anywhere).  How will the search engines know what is important?

The most effective way to let both the consumer and the search engines (SEs) know what is important is to manually listing tickets at FTC .  By doing so you are telling the SEs and the consumer, “Hey , this is important”.  Bulk listing tickets is likely to make the consumer and the search engines tune out your claims that this is important (afterall you can’t have 10,000 tickets that everyone must see).

Why Free Ticket Classifieds is Different..

Welcome to the Free Ticket Classifeids Blog!  Here you will learn all the tips and tricks to help you promote the sale of your sports, theater, and concert tickets using the internets #1 event ticket classifieds.  While we don’t necessarily like to toot our own horn, with our first blog post we will tell you why Free Ticket Classifieds (FTC) is different and why we feel it is the BEST way to sell your event tickets online.

First, unlike other online classifieds, we only deal with event tickets.  Therefore, we attract only vistors interested in buying or selling event tickets- not cars, houses, escorts, or other nefarious goods and services.   By focusing on the event ticket niche we are able to specifically target ticket buyers and sellers ONLY.  Since we are only in the ticket business we able to provide some unique promotion, search engine optimization, and social networking techniques that reliabily get your ad listed on the first page of google.  While some of these techniques are reserved exclusively for our Premium Members, our free member ads also rank very high in the search engines.  Try getting a ad submitted to Craigslist, Oodle, or Backpage to appear on the first page of google in a highly competitive market- it just ain’t going to happen.

FTC is also unique in the way in which tickets are listed for sale.  At most classifieds website, items are listed geographically (i.e. by city, state, country, etc.).  This may make sense when trying to purchase difficult to ship items like furniture, cars, or a house but does it matter if someone is trying to sell their Chicago Cubs tickets from Alaska or Naperville? No.  Tickets are easy to ship and many tickets today are emailable.  At FTC we decided to list tickets by the actual event or team.  So if you are looking for Cubs tickets you just need to browse our Chicago Cubs Ticket Classifieds, not a dozen or so cities near the Chicago area.

Anyone that has tried to sell their tickets online knows it can be a difficult task.  Sites like EBay and Craislist have dominated the market but difficultly in listing tickets (flagging, IP blocking, phone verified accounts, ghosting, etc.) have rendered many sites almost useless for anyone selling multiple items.  At FTC you will never have to worry about your ads getting ghosted flagged, unexplainably deleted, burried, etc. – if your follow our simple Terms of Use - you will always be able to post as many ads as you like, as often as you like and best of all it’s FREE.

While we have worked hard to make FTC the best place to buy and sell event tickets we are constantly looking for way to improve our service.  If you have any comments or suggests please let us know!