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Converting Clicks into Ticket Sales

Posting ticket classified ads is part art and part science. A good ticket ad will incite the user to conduct an action that will hopefully convert into a sale. For many of our premium members that action is clicking on a link that takes the user to their website where they will hopefully complete a transaction. For others, that action is simply replying to the listing in the form of an email. For both types of users the goal is the same – converting ads into sales. At Free Ticket Classifieds we have been extremely successful at bring eager ticket buyers to the site – getting those users to buy those tickets is up to the poster.

For this weeks blog post lets just focus on the premium members running 3rd party ticket brokerage websites. One of the most common mistakes we see ads that make it confusing to the user how to actually purchase tickets. In particular, some new Free Ticket Classifieds (FTC) posters fail to properly highlight the link to their website where they can purchase tickets or, even worse, they use poor HTML which effectively hides the link. By looking at our analytics we found that the most productive links as the ones the uses clickable images to incite an action (e.g. clicking through to your website).

For those that may not be familiar with basic HTML, you can use the provided WYSIWYG editor to “hotlink” an image so that when the user clicks it, it takes them to your website. To do this, just follow the below steps.

1. Click the “Picture” button or enter Control-P.

picbutton2. Enter the URL of the Image.

3.  Enter alternative Text.  This is important for SEO as the alternative text will be the anchor text that describes the link.  In this example we use, “Taylor Swift Tickets Chicago”.  Click OK.


4.  Next you want to select, or highlight the code you just entered for the image so that you can make it clickable…


5.  Then you want to click the hyperlink button to link the image to your URL.


6. Click OK

Now you are all done.- its that easy!  In the description field your ad will now look something like this…


Converting Traffic into Ticket Sales

If you have been listing your tickets on Free Ticket Classifieds you will probably notice each ad gets quite a bit of traffic (especially if you upgraded your account to a premium membership!) thanks to our search engine optimization efforts. However, traffic does not necessarily equate to click-throughs or sales. Since roughly 85% of our traffic comes directly through search engines many ticket buyers are shopping around looking for the best deal. Since pretty much all the ticket infomation is included in the ad most buyers have no incentive to click-thourgh unless they are VERY interested in purchasing the tickets. Don’t think of this as a bad thing – essentially you are getting highly targeted traffic from visitors that are interested in purchasing tickets. Below are some tips to help you maximize click-throughs and sales:

1). List tickets at competitive prices.

Some of the tickets that get the most traffic are also the same tickets that are the most expensive. You may get a lot of traffic by posting an ad for a Taylor Swift concert but you may be much more successful selling tickets to a Weezer concert. Ultimately sales are most important so focus on actually selling tickets.

2). Put some thought and effort into each ad.

Users can usually tell which ads are posted hastily with a copy and paste template that provide little in terms of details. This is your chance to be a salesperson and tell the user why they should buy from you. Not many people have a favorable view of ticket brokers and human element can go a long way towards gaining the trust of ticket buyers.

3). Make it clear how to purchase the tickets.

People have a short attention span and will move on to other ads if you do not make it clear how to purchase the tickets. If you plan to coordinate the sale through email, encourage users to click the reply button. If you want them to follow a link, make sure the link stands out from other text in the ad description. For links, the most successful method seems to be placing a hyperlinked “Buy Now” button in the ad description. To place a button in the ad description just use the following HTML snippet:

<p><a href=”http://YOUR LINK”><img src=”http://YOUR IMAGE LINK HERE.jpg” title=”Your title”></a></p>

If you want us to host your button image let us know and we can upload it for you.

While these suggestions have been proven to be successful it’s most important to do what works for you. Feel free to expirament with different ad copy to see what gets the best results. Ultimately, the best way to be successful is to sell a quality product and offer good service at a good price.