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Recent (and future?) Upgrades at Free Ticket Classifieds

At Free Ticket Classifieds we are always looking for ways to improve our site and enhance the user experience. To that end we have made a few changes and are working on even more. The change we recently made was by altering the look and feel of the “Featured Ads” that scroll above the content on all pages. Previously the featured ads showed 4 ads simulataneously and was a bit difficult to read and consequently didn’t quite grab the attention of ticket buyers.

To fix this we modified the scrolling featured ads to show on 1 ad at a time and enlarged the text and picture. To accommplish this and keep everything uniform, you will have to include a picture in your ad if you want it to appear in the “Featured Ads” (Premium Members Only!). The feedback we have gotten from this change have been extremely positive but we always welcome other opinions.

While we are not ready or necessarily considering major design changes we have been tinkering with an entirely new layout. If you are interested in taking a look the work in progress simply look at the top of the right sidebar. There you will see a pull down menu that allows you to select a theme. Select “Aperture” to take a peek. The new template is fully functional but there are many flaws that don’t quite display properly. Any thoughts and feedback on the new look are appreciated!