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Tickifieds Site Changes and Blog Update

At Tickifieds we strive to provide a safe and friendly place where buyers and sellers of event tickets can connect.  Since we opened our doors (as all the way back in 2008, we have tried our best to manually review all ads posted on the site and remove the spam and the scams.  We think we have done a pretty good job over the years but as the site continues to grow, it has become more popular with the spammers. As such, it has become increasingly time consuming keeping up with the spam and has starting restricting our ability to focus on what we all care about…more eyeballs on our ads.

So, in order to cut down on the amount of spam we get, we have decided to charge a nominal fee to post ticket listings at Tickifieds.  Previously, users were allowed to post up to 10 ads at no charge.  Starting on August 21st, we will begin charging $1 for those same 10 listing.  We hope that this small fee will prevent a large proportion of the spammers from impacting the service we provide to both ticket buyers and sellers.  This charge is also considerably less than similar services like Craigslist (now $5 per ad) and Backpage ($1 per ad).  We certainly think a mere 10 cents per ad is a bargain.  For our Premium Members, we will continue to offer unlimited posting packages for as low as $25 per month.

Our last announcement is that we have decided to start another Tickifieds Blog (Tickifieds Daily Ticket Trends) that will focus on the most popular events and on sale updates.  Now that we no longer have to continuously check for spam, we have more time to focus on our marketing efforts and provide additional services for our members.  Since the majority of our paying members are ticket brokers, this information has proven to be very useful for event ticket marketing.  After stopped posting on sale updates, many ticket brokers were left in the dark.  At our new blog we will featuring daily updates on what tickets went on sale and what tickets are currently hot.  If you haven’t already, please check out our new blog here.  If you have any feature requests or suggestions please let us know in the comments!