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Top 10 Events This Weekend (12/30 – 01/01)

This is a HUGE weekend for ticketed events.  People feel the need to go out there and be part of something spectacular for New Year’s Eve.  Obviously sporting events are prevalent on the list given that the bowl season is upon us as well at important games for NFL Football and NHL Hockey.

The 2011 NHL Winter Classic takes place this year on New Years Day between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals  at 1:00 PM at Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  This will be one chilly yet exciting game outdoors at the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Bowl games are obviously very successful events to promote.  While they remain very popular with big attendance, a lot of bowl game ticket prices are coming down.  Tickets for the Fiesta Bowl can easily be found for as little at $17.  Clearly this is not the case for the BCS Bowl between the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks.

Don’t let those college kids overestimate themselves.  There is plenty going on in the NFL as well.  A week after not even being assured a postseason position, the New Orleans Saints have the opportunity to earn home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs if are favorable to them in Week 17.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ postseason stance is not quite as sunny.  The Bucs need to defeat an opponent with a winning record for the first time all season and they still need to have two more outcomes go in their favor to even make the playoffs.

The New York Giants cling to their slim playoff hopes as they visit their rivals, the Washington Redskins.  It’s been a turbulent year in Washington as Head Coach Mike Shanahan hasn’t been the best at handling the public situations surrounding his players.  The New York Giants are in the middle of an all out meltdown like when they let a massive second half lead escpae from them against the Eagles two weeks ago.  They’ve also allowed their season slip away as well. The Giants need a win and a Packers loss at home to Chicago to make the playoffs.

And, if you still want to go to a football game, just for the heck of it, for super cheap, check out out the San Francisco 49’s vs. the Arizona Cardinals.  PLENTY of tickets to be found for under $30 each.

 Phish has also been quietly climbing the charts with their colorful and might I say smokey performances?  Never underestimate those that seem a little phish-ey.  Ok, that’s a terrible joke.

  1. NHL Winter Classic, Saturday, 01/01/2011 – Pittsburgh, PA
  2. Chick Fil-A Bowl Florida State vs South Carolina Tickets, Friday, 12/31/2010 – Atlanta, Georgia
  3. Fiesta Bowl Oklahoma vs Connecticut, Saturday, 1/1/2011 – Glendale, AZ
  4. Phish– Madison Square Garden, Friday, 12/31/ 2010 – New York, NY
  5. Capitalone Bowl Michigan State vs.  Alalabma, Saturday, 1/1/2011- Orlando, FL.
  6. Saints vs. Tampa Bay Bucs, Sunday, 01/02/2011, New Orleans, LA
  7. Redskins vs Giants, Sunday 01/02/2011, Washington, D.C.
  8. 49ers vs cardinals, Sunday 01/02/2011, San Francisco, CA
  9. Meineke Car Care Bowl – Clemson vs South Florida Tickets, Friday, 12/31/2010 – Charlotte, NC
  10. Syracuse – Notre Dame Basketball, Saturday 1/1/2011 – Syracuse, NY

2010 MLB Playoff Schedule Set!


The 2010 MLB Playoff teams are all set and ready to begin action on Wednesday 10/6/2010

As the 2010 MLB regular season comes to a conclusion tonight, MLB has release the schedule for the upcoming 2010 playoffs.  In the National League, the Philadelphia Phillies will get the #1 seed and will face the #3 seeded Cincinnati Reds. Since the wildcard winner came out of the NL East, the Atlanta Braves will meet the #2 seeded San Francisco Giants.  In the American League, the top seeded Tampa Bay Rays will square off against the #3 Texas Rangers, while the #2 seeded Minnesota Twins will face the New York Yankees.

The NLDS and ALDS will kickoff on Wednesday October 6th,2010.  Wednesday will feature 3 Division Series games including the Rangers @ Rays, Yankees @ Twins, and Red @ Phillies.  The complete 2010 Playoff Schedule is as follows:

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees
ALDS Game 1:  Rays vs Rangers Wednesday, Oct. 6 ALDS Game 1: Twins vs Yankees Wednesday, Oct. 6
ALDS Game 2:  Rays vs Rangers Thursday, Oct. 7 ALDS Game 2: Twins vs Yankees Thursday, Oct. 7
ALDS Game 3:  Rangers vs Rays Saturday, Oct. 9 ALDS Game 3: Yankees vs Twins Saturday, Oct. 9
ALDS Game 4:  Rangers vs Rays Sunday, Oct. 10 ALDS Game 4: Yankees vs Twins Sunday, Oct. 10
ALDS Game 5:  Rays vs Rangers Tuesday, Oct. 12 ALDS Game 5: Twins vs Yankees Tuesday, Oct. 12
Philadelphia Phillies  vs. Cincinnati Reds San Francisco Giants vs.Atlanta Braves
NLDS Game 1:  Phillies vs Reds Wednesday, Oct. 6 NLDS Game 1: Giants vs Braves Thursday, Oct. 7
NLDS Game 2:  Phillies vs Reds Friday, Oct. 8 NLDS Game 2: Giants vs Braves Friday, Oct. 8
NLDS Game 3:  Reds vs Phillies Sunday, Oct. 10 NLDS Game 3: Braves vs Giants Sunday, Oct. 10
NLDS Game 4:  Reds vs Phillies Monday, Oct. 11 NLDS Game 4: Braves vs Giants Monday, Oct. 11
NLDS Game 5:  Phillies vs Reds Wednesday, Oct. 13 NLDS Game 5: Giants vs Braves Wednesday, Oct. 13

Although, many baseball and sports fans alike have already turned their attention to college and NFL football, baseball purist are eagerly awaiting the start of the MLB Playoffs. This season will feature some familiar faces with the Yankees, Phillies, Braves, and Twins all qualifying for the post season once again. However, this season also features some yound and exciting surprises such as the Reds, Rangers, Rays, and Giants. No matter which team you are rooting for be sure to check out our MLB Classifieds to find the best deals on MLB Playoff Tickets.