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King James to Join Wade and Bosh in Miami – Tickets in High Demand!

Lebron James in a Heat Uniform

With Lebron James joining Wade and Bosh in Miami, tickets are in big demand!

It’s  official, Lebron James will be joining Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat.  After months of speculation and rumors King James decided to take the cowardly road and join 2 superstar NBA players in his quest for a NBA Championship.  While I must I am a little disappointed he didn’t join the Bulls, Lebron heading to Miami makes the least amount of sense to me.  Although playing with Wade and Bosh alone is certainly better than anything Cleveland could have put together in the foreseeable future, what does it say about Lebron’s confidence in his own ability to win a championship?  To me he is admitting that he doesn’t think he can win one on his own.

As I admitted I am a Bulls fan but I believe James should have stayed in Cleveland.  Did Michael Jordan bail on the Bulls in the early years while getting beat up by the Pistons year after year?  No.  Lebron is only 25 and could have cemented his place in NBA history if he could bring 1 championship to the Cavs.  Now, at best, Lebron will forever be known as a player who could not build nor win a championship on his own. That is assuming he wins any championships in Miami. Wade has had injury trouble and Bosh is probably a bit overrated.  Factor in that the Heat will have to fill the roster with 9 other players with nothing to offer but the NBA minimum salary and you really have to wonder how good this team will actually be.  Even with the Big 3 in Miami I think the LA Lakers are a better team and match up just fine with the new Heat.  Wade vs Artest, Kobe vs Lebron, Bosh vs Gasol…pretty even right?  Who will the Heat have to matchup with  Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odum?  Derek Fisher?  Winning the NBA East will not be a given either as Paul Pierce and Ray Allen will be returning with KG and Rajon Rondo.  Again, as good as these 3 are it takes a team to win and NBA title and I can’t see Miami fielding a “Team” with the $5 or so they have left.

I would have even been happy to see him go to New York, New Jersey,or Chicago as at least in either of those cities he would be part of building a team.  In that respect Chicago would have made the most sense as he would be the Alpha dog of a young and upcoming team with one of the best point guards in the Game with 21 year old Derek Rose, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, and Carlos Boozer.   Enough of the rant…while this news is not good for all the players in the free agent lottery, it has been great for Miami Heat tickets sales.  Miami Heat Season Tickets are already sold out and that was before King James made his announcements.   Already Miami Heat tickets have become one of the most searched for item on Free Tickets Classifieds.  If you are looking for good deals on tickets make sure to check our Miami Heat Ticket section.