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Top 10 Rookies to Watch this NFL Season

There is electricity in the air!  The NFL Draft is well in the past, training camp is inching ever nearer, and a clearer picture is being painted of NFL Football Rookies rankings for 2013.  The group of rookies from last year, were incredible, to say the least, and it’s exciting to think what they could do in the upcoming year.

Clearly these rankings can change as training camp/offseason news is made, rosters are creates and injuries happen.

As stated before, last year’s Rookies saw the most rookie quarterbacks land in the top 12 positions by season’s end, and three rookie running backs end up scoring loads of touchdowns which ranks them among the top 10 rookies over the past 10 years.

Top 10  Football Rookies For 2013 by Tickifieds

1. Montee Ball, RB, Denver

If Ball becomes a starter, he will come upon tough defense to halt the pass during most of the game.  He’s one to watch.

2. Eddie Lacy, RB, Green Bay

While Lacy looks great on paper, he has some not great points of interest.  He recently had toe surgery and it’s pretty well known that he has attitude issues. These points make for not such a great team player and might not do as well this season.  The Packers also the have Johnathan Franklin in their back pocket too.

3. DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Houston

Head coach Gary Kubiak, made a comparison between Hopkins and former Broncos WR Rod Smith. He will work closely with Johnson, and act as his protégé, as he hopes to outshine fellow defense WR Andre Johnson.

4. Zac Stacy, RB, St. Louis

Stacy was a a fifth-round pick for the Rams in the 2013 NFL Draft, but Isaiah Pead and Daryl Richardson and still the frontrunners.

5.  Robert Woods, WR, Buffalo

Woods will be going through a lesser version of what fellow teammate Hopkins takes on. Unfortunately, Stevie Johnson cannot compare to Andre Johnson, and Woods’ outcome is linked to Manuel’s most likely.

6. Markus Wheaton, WR, Pittsburgh

Since Mike Wallace left for Miami, the Steelers had an extra wide receiver spot to fill. They already have starters in Brown and Sanders, but they plan to use Wheaton in the slot and in the backfield.

7. Andre Ellington, RB, Arizona

Ellington has been compared to fellow Clemson player C.J. Spiller.  He is a great addition Mendenhall and Williams with regards to speed and cutting.

8. Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City

There is a plan in place by the Chiefs move Kelce out and line him up in several spots, but he has direct competition with free-agent signee Anthony Fasano and Moeaki.

9. Johnathan Franklin, RB, Green Bay

Franklin had the potential for being a top-three rookie running back had Lacy not been selected in front of him.

10. Aaron Dobson, WR, New England

Dobson has the oppotunity to start this season, across the way from Amendola.  This is special thanks to Welker and Lloyd moving on.

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Top Weekend Events 12/16/2011-12/18/2011

Tim Tebow vs Tom BradyIt’s Wednesday and that means it is time to take a look at the most popular events going on across the country this weekend.  With college football on a hiatus until the bowl games begin next week, NFL football is back to dominating the search results at  Coming in at number 1 on the list is Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos vs Tom Brady’s New England Patriots.  The ever polarizing Tim Tebow is 7-1 as a starter after he led yet another last minute comeback against the Chicago Bears.  The Broncos now have a 2 game lead over the Oakland Raiders (Denver owns the tie-breaker) in the AFC.  It seems as though Mr. Tebow has turned both fans and Bronco management into believers and ticket prices have absolutely sky-rocketed the past couple of weeks.

Coming in at #2 this week is the Monday Night matchup between two 10-3 teams, the San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers.  OK, so this game isn’t actually taking place this weekend but we thought it was important enough to include on this list as this game is shaping up to be a great one.  At #3, the 0-13 Indianapolis Colts will be looking to pick up their first win of the season against the Tennessee Titans.  While this game doesn’t sound all that exciting fans are gobbling up these very affordable tickets (under $15 a ticket).

The other NFL games on the list also have some nice story-lines generating heavy fan interest.  In Oakland, the Raiders and Lions will face off both badly needing a win to stay in the playoff hunt.  In Kansas City, the 13-0 Green Bay Packers will be looking to stay undefeated after their last road game of the year.  Lastly, the 7-6 Chicago Bears will be looking to keep their playoff hopes alive against the Seattle Seahawks.  However, fan interest in this game is likely due to a substantial drop in ticket prices following the loss of both Jay Cutler and Matt Forte.

Making the list at #6 is our first college basketball game:  NC State vs the #1 Syracuse Orange.  College basketball is king in North Carolina so it’s not much of a surprise that the #1 team in the nation coming to Raleigh is driving ticket demand.  As the conference play starts up expect college basketball tickets to frequently make the list of top events.

Pulling up the rear are a few non-sports events.  The Radio City Christmas Spectacular makes the list for the 3rd week  in a row with their sold out show in Nashville, Trans-siberian Orchestra’s Christmas performance in Tulsa on Friday night comes in at #9, while Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s critically acclaimed “The Book of Mormon” slides in at #10.

1. Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots 12/18/2011 Denver, CO
2. San Francisco 49ers vs Pittsburgh Steelers 12/19/2011 San Francisco, CA
3. Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans 12/18/2011 Indianapolis, IN
4. Oakland Raiders vs Detroit Lions 12/18/2011 Oakland, CA
5. Kansas City Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers 12/18/2011 Kansas City, MO
6. NC State vs Syracuse Basketball 12/17/2011 Raleigh, NC
7. Chicago Bears vs Seattle Seahawks 12/18/2011 Chicago, IL
8. Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets 12/16/2011 Nashville, TN
9. Trans-siberian Orchestra Concert 12/16/2011 Tulsa, OK
10. The Book of Mormon 12/18/2011 New York, NY

2011 NFL PLAYOFFS – Wild Card Games Results Day 1

Well, Saturday, January 8th was certainly an exciting day for the NFL wildcard playoffs!  It was a day full of nail biters and upsets and many surprises.

The day started out with the New Orleans Saints taking on the Seattle Seahawks at Qwest Field.  The Seahawks went in to yesterday’s game with nothing but a losing record, 7-9 in the regular season (the worse EVER for a divisional winner) and hope and a prayer.  They came out with a big ol’ W and a crowd in disbelief.   The Saints were expected to crush the Seahawks, but due to a lackluster running game.  Matt Hasselbeck, the now superstar Seahawk’s quarterback, threw for 282 yards and four touchdowns in a near flawless showing.  The Seahawks took the Saints with a 41-36 victory over the defending Super Bowl Champs.  They did this by actually showing up for the game and with leadership and big plays.  This is a momentous occasion for the city of Seattle and something that was desperately needed, as they recently lost the SuperSonics.

Later in the evening, the New York Jets took on the Indianapolis Colts.  This was a pretty tight game throughout.  The Jets were expected to take the Colts, but the ponies were not going to go down easy.  The Jet’s Coach Rex Ryan, son of legendary former Bears defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan of the ‘85 Bears Super Bowl fame, said it was personal between him and Colt’s quarterback Patton Manning.  It is said that Ryan is one of the best defensive minds in the NFL, and he has made some of the most impressive defenses in recent years in Baltimore and New York. Ryan has yet to beat Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.  That was, until last night.  Ryan found his golden goose by keeping control of Manning by keeping him on the sidelines.  His well thought out game of keepaway landed the Jets with a win of 17-16, a big upset to the Colts.  It was thought that the Colts would take the game with a 1 point lead with 53 seconds remaining on the clock.  Manning drove the Colts 48 yards in eight plays for a 50 yard field goal by Adam Vinatieri.  But the Jets weren’t ready to lay down.  They had a 47-yard kickoff return by Antonio Cromatie that set the Jets up near midfield.  Two passes by QB Mark Sanchez for 30 yards enables Nick Folk to be in range for the game winning 32-yard field goal just as time expired.  It was CERTAINLY a nail biter all the way up to the end.

Today’s game will see the Ravens taking on the Chiefs and the Packers taking on the Eagles.  If yesterday’s gams are any indication, we’re in for some more excitement!

The Jets will take on the Patriots.

The Steelers will play the winners on Ravens vs. Chiefs.

The Seahawks or the Packers will take on the Falcons.

Since the Seahawks beat the Saints, the Bears will either player the Eagles or Seahawks in the divisional playoffs.

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Wild Card and Divisional Schedule Announced by NFL

The postseason schedule is shaping nicely once the Seattle Seahawks beat the St. Louis Rams on Sunday (Jan. 2) Night Football.  Also, notably, the Green Bay Packers won a very important game for them against the Chicago Bears last night.  While the outcome of the game would neither adversely nor positively affect the Bears post season chances, the Packers desperately needed a win to stay in.  Ask and ye shall receive, yah?

The schedule of sites, dates and times for the National Football League Wild Card Playoffs and Divisional Playoffs were announced by Commissioner Roger Goodell today.  The Wild Card Playoffs occur January 8-9th while the Divisional Playoffs take place January 15 – 16th.

On the 15th, the highest seed between the Colts, Chiefs and Ravens will play against the Steelers in Pittsburgh.  The lowest seed team among the Rams/Seahawks, Saints and Packers will take on the Falcons in Atlanta later in the evening.

The following day on the 16th, the remaining NFC team (Eagles, Seahawks or Saints) will play the Bears in Chicago in the afternoon.  The remaining AFC team (Chiefs, Ravens or Jets) will play the Patriots in New England in the evening.

The NFC Championship Game will be played at 3 p.m. (ET) on January 23rd 23 (Fox); the AFC game will be at 6:30 p.m. (ET) (CBS).

Saturday, January 8

NFC4:30 PM (ET) New Orleans Saints at Seattle (NBC-TV)
AFC: 8:00 PM (ET) New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts (NBC-TV)

Sunday, January 9

AFC: 1:00 PM (ET) Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs (CBS-TV)
NFC: 4:30 PM (ET) Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles (FOX-TV)


Saturday, January 15

AFC4:30 PM (ET) Indianapolis Colts or Kansas City Chiefs or Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers (CBS-TV)
NFC: 8:00 PM (ET) Seattle Seahawks or New Orleans Saints or Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons(FOX-TV)

 Sunday, January 16

NFC: 1:00 PM (ET) Philadelphia Steelers or Seattle Seahawks or New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears (FOX-TV)
AFC: 4:30 PM (ET) Kansas City or Baltimore or New York Jets at New England (CBS-TV)

The 2011 Pro Bowl (FOX, 7:00 PM ET) will be played on Sunday, January 30 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii.  This will be one week before Super Bowl XLV which takes place at Cowboys Stadium in North Texas on Sunday, February 6 (FOX, 6:30 PM ET).

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Top 10 Events This Weekend (12/17 – 12/19)

Well, here it is Wednesday again.  Time to announce the top ten events that are going on this weekend!

The top ten are heavy on the music with pop superstar Justin Bieber and his My World Tour and the incomparable Prince with his 20Ten Tour, both nabbing 4 0f the 10 positions.  Given that Nashville is one of the country music capitals of the world, it shouldn’t be surprising that country legend Mr. Garth Brooks is making quite the splash there.

Football is of course, another exceptionally popular event this time of year.  The Rams vs. Chiefs game is garnering quite a lot of attention.  There is a lot on the line for both the teams as the Chiefs are trying to hang on to their small lead over San Diego by one game in the AFC West and the Rams are momentarily tied with their rival Seattle for first place in the NFC West.

Another exciting football game should be the Vikings vs. Bears game for Monday night football.  The real question with that game is, where are they going to play?  Given that the roof caved in on the Metrodome in Minneapolis under the immense pressure of the snow, the venue is still TBD.

The Giants vs. Eagles game pits the two against each other in a battle to see who will be the division leads. The winner of this game will be in a super position for the playoffs. The loser will still be a contender for the playoffs, but the certainty will be gone.

  1. Prince – Saturday, 12/18/2010 – Madison Square Garden, NY, NY
  2. St. Louis Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 12/19/2010 – St. Louis, MO.
  3. New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday, 12/19/2010 – East Rutherford, NJ.
  4. Prince – Friday- 12/17/2010 – East Rutherford, NJ.
  5. New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat, Friday, 12/17/2010 – Madison Square Garden, NY, NY.
  6. Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears, Monday 12/20/2010 – TBD, Minneapolis, MN
  7. Garth Brooks - Friday, 12/17/2010 – Nashville, TN
  8. Justin Bieber - Saturday, 12/18/2010 – Miami, FL
  9. Justin Bieber – Sunday, 12/19/2010 -Tampa, FL
  10. New England Patriots vs. Green Bay Packers, Sunday, 12/19/2010  – Foxborough, MA.

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