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New England Patriots dealing with another major injury

The New England Patriots lost one of their team leaders for the remainder of the season as RB Kevin Faulk has a torn ACL, which he injured during the Jets game in week 2. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) runs from the top back of your knee to the bottom front.  Sammy Morris, a candidate to take over the position, replaced him.  Faulk is a versatile player that can play on any down, run, catch passes, and block at a high level. This is major blow to the Patriots offense and it will affect the efficiency.

Faulk is in his twelfth year in the league and was drafted by the Patriots from LSU in second round in 1999. Many fans do not know the solid productivity he has been giving the New England Patriots the past decade. He is one of six players in the past decade to accumulate over 3000 yards rushing and 3000 yards receiving. His career yard per carry average is 4.2 and he has 31 career touchdowns. He is arguably the best running back in NFL history on third down plays as his ability to run, receive, and block is invaluable. Knowledgeable NFL fans know the true importance of Kevin Faulk to the Patriots. He is also been with the team for the longest period out of any player so he is one of the leaders in the locker room. Faulk is one of Tom Brady’s go to guys often throwing the ball underneath after going thru down the field progressions. The primary players at this point to take Faulk’s position are Sammy Morris and Newly acquired WR/RB Danny Woodhead (formerly of the New York Jets).

The Patriots have a lot of depth at the running back position as they traded away former number one pick Laurence Maroney. Wes Welker is coming off an ACL injury and now dealing with the Faulk injury is a major blow to the offense.

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