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Top Weekend Events 09/30/2011 – 10/02/2011

Hello Wednesday!  Can you believe October is pratically here??  What happened to the summer?

Just looking at the top weekend events list below, can you guess the trend?  I was pretty spot on with the top NCAA Football games to watch, wasn’t I?  There’s a couple games there that didn’t make my previous list such as the ECU vs. UNC game, South Carolina vs. Auburn, Fresno State vs. Ole Miss, Minnesota vs. Michigan and Buffalo vs. Tennessee. 

With the Gophers vs. Wolverines, while each team has a strong following given their Big-10 Status, Michigan is expected to easily crush Minnesota.  Sorry guys!

The Pirates vs. Tarheels game should be exciting as two home-state teams goes head to head.  ECU has shown a lot of progress this year already, even though they previously lost to two very competitive teams; Virginia Tech and South Carolina.  North Carolina’s schedule has been a bit easier so far, but expect East Carolina to give NCU a run for their money.

Auburn and South Carolina again both have HUGE followings.  Ohandalso, the last time these  two teams were on the field together, it ended with the Tigers embarrassing Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks in last year’s SEC Championship game, 56-17.  South Carolina will be out for revenge.

Neither Fresno State nor Ole Miss is a particularly stellar team, but the Rebels are getting a lot of attention lately because of Coach Houston Nutt.

The Tennessee Vols are the Dark horse of the SEC conference this year.  Hopefully they can start to turn things around and be the exciting team they used to be.


Top Weekend Events 09/30/11 – 10/02/2011

1.)     Wisconsin vs. Nebraska, Camp Randall, Madison, WI – Saturday, October 1st

2.)    VA Tech vs. Clemson, Lane Stadium, Blacksburg, VA – Saturday, October 1st

3.)     Florida vs. Alabama, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Gainesville, FL – Saturday, October 1st

4.)     East Carolina vs. University of North Carolina, Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, Chapel Hill, NC – Saturday, October 1st

5.)     South Carolina vs. Auburn, Williams-Brice Stadium, Auburn, AL – Saturday, October 1st

6.)     Kentucky vs. LSU, Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, LA – Saturday, October 1st

7.)     OSU vs. MSU, Ohio Stadium, Columbus, OH – Saturday, October 1st

8.)     Fresno State vs. Ole Miss, Bulldog Stadium, Fresno, CA – Saturday, October 1st

9.)     Minnesota vs. Michigan, Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI – Saturday, October 1st

10.)  Buffalo vs. Tennessee, Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN – Saturday, October 1st

Top Weekend Events – Labor Day Weekend

Hello Wednesday!  Excited for the long weekend? 

Besides this being Labor Day, this is also opening weekend for College Football!  Hooray!  There are a ton of games that are getting a lot of attention this weekend.  The top two games have been hot for weeks and weeks.  In the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff game, No. 5 Boise State begins yet another season playing across the country on a field that is unbiased only in name.  This time around the Broncos are entering into Southeastern Conference territory to take on No.19 ranked Georgia.  Both teams are very motivated to prove their worth, so this should be a very interesting game!

The Cowboy Classic is another game that is highly anticipated.  A lot of the interest stems from No. 6 LSU losing quarterback Jordan Jefferson and three others in a bar brawl that put people in the hospital.  This move definitely gives the No.5 Ducks and edge in the competition.  This game marks the first meeting between the teams since 1977 and only the fourth overall with LSU winning two of the games.

The Tennis US Open is another hot event going on this weekend.  This event has been going on since 1881 and is one of the oldest tennis championships in the world.  Since 1981, the US Open has been, in order, the fourth and last major tennis competition which comprises the Grand Slam (the others being the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon).  US Open is a two week event always surrounding Labor Day Weekend. The top players to watch are Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams and until today,  her sister Venus Williams.  Venus Williams is now out of the competition with a medical condition.

Since the College Football season is now in full swing, expect concerts to show up less and less often on the list, unless the show is really popular.  Such is the case with Lady Antebellum and their current tour, Own the Night.


Top Weekend Events 09/02 – 09/05

1.)     Georgia vs. Boise State, Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA – Saturday, September 3rd

2.)     Cowboy Classic – LSU vs. Oregon, Dallas Cowboys Stadium,  Arlington, TX – Saturday, September 3rd

3.)     US Open – Session 11, Louis Armstrong Stadium, Flushing, NY – Saturday, September 3rd

4.)     Elon vs. Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, TN – Saturday, September 3rd

5.)     Notre Dame vs. USF, Notre Dame Stadium, South Bend, IN – Saturday, September 3rd

6.)     Lady Antebellum,  Champlain Valley Expo, Essex Junction, VT – Saturday, September 3rd

7.)     Montana vs. Tennessee, Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN – Saturday, September 3rd

8.)     Wake Forest vs. Syracuse, Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY  – Saturday, September 3rd

9.)     Ohio State vs. Akron, Ohio Stadium, Columbus, OH – Saturday, September 3rd

10.)   Missouri State vs. Arkansas, Razorback Stadium, Fayetteville, AR – Saturday, September 3rd