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Top 10 Ticket Listings 11/14 & 11/15

Anyone that is well versed in internet marketing knows that the weekends usually don’t break any records for traffic or sales.  However, the ticket market can be quite unique in that the weekends do see significant traffic and sales.  This is largely due to the fact that College and NFL football dominate the television on Saturday and Sunday.  Many sports fans are searching for last minute ticket deals as well as trying to make plans for the following weekend.  As you will see from the list below – Football rules the weekend.

  1. TCU vs. Utah
  2. LSU vs. Ole Miss
  3. B96 Jingle Bash
  4. Pacquiao vs. Cotto Boxing
  5. Ravens vs. Steelers
  6. Alabama vs. Tennessee-Chattanooga
  7. WWE Monday Night Raw @ Madison Square Garden
  8. SEC Football Championship – Florida vs. Alabama
  9. Notre Dame vs. Pitt
  10. Z100 Jingle Ball

As you can see 6/10 most popular ticket ads are related to college or professional football.  Also popular were ads for holiday radio station sponsored holiday concerts like the B96 Jingle Bash in Chicago and the z100 Jingle Ball in New York.  So while most people are shopping for tickets during work hours, the weekends can produce some good results as well!  For a further rundown of what is hot of Free Ticket Classifieds be sure to check out our “Popular Ads” section.