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Randy Moss hoping to add life to Vikings offense

Randy Moss comes to the rescue to help a lackluster Minnesota Vikings passing game.  Brett Farve has to be very pleased with the acquistion but he needs to throw the ball more accurately than he has been. He wanted Moss when he was playing in Green Bay so now he finally has a legitimate number one receiver for an anemic passing offense. Sidney Rice is sidelined after hip surgery for atleast the first eight weeks of the season and Farve has stated repeatedly that he is not comfortable with the current receiving unit. The deep ball will be attempted more often now that Moss is with the team. Bernard Berrian was supposed to be a deep threat but he has not become that guy in 2010. Defenses will have to roll coverage to the side Moss is playing on and have a safety play deep. Percy Harvin is a beneficiary with Moss being on the field. He is a slot receiver for the most part and teams may end up doubling his slot position. The running game benefits also and will be more explosive. Against an average running team defenses can play with a seven man front. Defenses obviously do not do this against Adrian Peterson since he is a game changer. Now a safety has to come into a seven man front and this will open up the passing game. At this point the Vikings have one win and two losses and they desperately need some of type of jolt to the offense. They will be hard pressed to sweep both games against the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers like they did last year. The Randy Moss acquisition does have some risk involved but with the motivation of a new contract and Brett Farve under center he may actually go all out in effort.

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