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Colorado Rockies ready for 2nd half of season

With a few days off on the schedule because of the allstar break many teams are looking ahead to the remainder of the season. The Colorado Rockies have made it through some hard months and are still in position to make a big impact in the National League West. Just 2 games out of the first spot the Rockies are tied with the Dodgers and trailing the Padres in the race to the playoffs. The Rockies look strong and  are getting stonger with the return of some pleayers coming off the DL such as left handed pitcher De La Rosa. De La Rosa should add some strength back to the pitching staff who are in need of another lefty.

So while the teams current allstars Ubaldo and Tulowitzki enjoy Anhiem and the allstar festivities the coaches and team are looking ahead for a great 2nd half and run at the playoffs. Getting discount rockies tickets is very easy and can be found online and around the ballpark for maost games. As the season moveson tickets will be harder to find and costs may go up. A day or night at Coors Field is an excellent way to add some fun to your summer!