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Tickifieds Top 10 Weekly Searches – One Direction Continues Domination

Top 10 EventsAnyone involved in marketing knows that the biggest key to success is knowing your customers.  At Tickifieds, we are always scouring our data and analytics to determine what our customers are looking for so that we can pass on that information to those who help populate our site’s classified ads with tickets for our visitors to purchase.  Although one would think that letting the whole world know what events are most popular would provide a competitive disadvantage to those posting the ads, healthy competition lowers prices and is what ultimately leads our visitors to have a positive user experience.  If they get a good deal on tickets they are far more likely to return when looking for tickets to their next event in the future.  Afterall, with the outlandish service charges used by Stubhub and the rampant scams and spam on Craigslist, people are looking for a safe a secure place to shop for tickets.  So enough with the blantant self-promotion…let’s get to the top 10 for the Week starting on April 29th and ending on May 5, 2012.

Top 10 Tickifieds Ticket Searches

1. One Direction

The boy band craze is apparently back in full force as One Direction (1D) has been search for more than 3 times more than any other artist or sports team.  That is pretty impressive given the fact that the NBA and NHL playoffs are currently going on.  In particular VIP, Front Row, and Meet and Greet tickets appear to be in high demand.

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