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Tickifieds Launches Android App and Mobile Website

Tickifieds Mobile Screen ShotIt’s no secret that the world has gone mobile.  With over 750 million smart phones and tablets in use throughout the world, more and more people are browsing the web and shopping from mobile devices.  While smart phones and tablets have standard web browsers, most websites are not optimized for display on smaller screens.  As such Tickifieds is happy to announce the official launch of our new and improved mobile website and Android App.

We decide to discontinue the beta version of our Android App after nearly a year of being in the Google Play Store.  In that time, we racked in over 13,000 downloads which resulted  in over 150,000 unique sessions and over 900,000 page views.  That is no small feat for an application in which we did little to no marketing for.  While the new version of the Tickifieds Mobile application is much the same as the beta version, we plan to extensively market this version.

We decide to produce only an Android version of our mobile app as there are over 480 million active Android users compared to only 244 million Apple iPhone and iPad users.  If our Android App continues to be successful we may go ahead and develop an iPhone Application as well.  However, smart phone and tablet growth seems to be geared towards Android.

If you have a chance please check out our new Android App:  Tickifeds Ticket Classifieds.  Any feedback, reviews, and/or comments would be appreciated.