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Ticket Broker Reviews

ticket broker reviewsIt’s been a while since our last post but wanted to let you know that we have been hard at work on new and exciting projects. Most notably, is our new ticket broker review site – Ticket Broker Trust. With the secondary ticket market becoming saturated with ticket brokers, consumers need a place to turn in order to get true and unbiased reviews.  We hope we have created a safe and friendly place where ticket buyers can openly, honestly and anonymously talk about the experiences they have had with various members of the ticket broker community.

As the reviews and ratings pile up we will use the data to rank each ticket broker and we will have the ability to create lists of the best and most highly rated ticket suppliers.  Although the site isn’t quite finished, we have decided to launch the website.  The site may be a little rough around the edges but the key review and rating components are in place and fully functional. Since the site will be dependent up user reviews we figured the sooner we can start accumulating reviews of ticket brokers the better.  If you have a minute please check out Ticket Broker Trust and let us know what you think.  Also, if you know of a ticket broker not yet listed, please suggest it on our Suggest a Ticket Broker form.