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Dog Days of Ticket Sales

NFL Training Camps Set To Open

NFL players will be reporting to camp soon- That means ticket sales for NFL games will be heating up.

It’s no secret that July is typically the slowest month for event ticket sales.  With both the NBA and NHL seasons over the only thing driving ticket sales are summer concerts and Major League Baseball.  While concert tickets are typically big sellers, most tickets for the most popular summer shows took place back in the spring.  There is usually a rush of ticket sale immediately before some popular shows like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber but nowhere near the levels of immediately after the tickets go on sale.

Major League Baseball tickets are not much different.  Opening day, inter-league games, and the All-Star Game can have some big time demand but ticket sales overall usually fizzle as many teams fall out of the playoff hunt and begin selling off players with the wait til next year mentality (e.g. Chicago Cubs).  While MLB tickets do begin to surge as the playoff races heat up, that is not until August-September when fans begin to get excited about baseball again.

So while ticket sales may be slow in July, this is a great time to plan ahead and begin your online marketing campaigns for upcoming big sellers before the competition does.  If you are serious about making ticket sales now is the time to start promoting NFL and College Football tickets.  Believe it our not NFL training camps will begin to open up very soon and preseason games are just 1 month away.  The begining of August is typically when NFL fans began to get excited and start planning which games they want to attend in 2010.

NCAA Football is much the same.  Summer camps are already underway and student will be returning to campus in a little over a month and a half.  This season of College Football is certain to be one of the more memorable seasons as several teams will be changing conferences and several others are rumored to be doing the same.  To help you in your marketing efforts, below is a list of the most viewed NFL and College football tickets viewed at

Top 10 NFL Tickets

Top 10 College Football Tickets

Guest Blog at Free Ticket Classifieds?

The secondary ticket market is one of the biggest online industries in the United States with literally tens of thousands of events and millions of tickets offered by thousands of ticket brokers. Although competition in this industry can be fierce, there are so many events and so many tickets to market and there is plenty of room for success and growth. As such Free Ticket Classifieds would like to foster a community of ticket sellers that are willing to share there successes, failures, and ways in which they promote tickets both at Free Ticket Classifieds and via other online means.

We are looking for Free Ticket Classifieds (FTC) users to submit articles regarding their marketing strategies, how they use of FTC, or anything relevant the secondary ticket industry. By writing for FTC you will not only be helping out our community but you will also be establishing yourself and your company as a leader in this competitive market.

While we feel that Free Ticket Classifieds is one of the best tools many brokers use to effectively reach customers and promote their respective ticket inventories, we are always looking for ways to improve and welcome your thoughts and feedback. If you are interested in writing for the FTC Blog please contact us!