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Promoting Ticket Sales with RSS Feeds

Free Ticket Classifieds RSS Feeds

Free Ticket Classifieds RSS feeds are a great way to further promote your ticket ads.

While many ticket brokers and private sellers have quickly learned that (FTC) is a powerful tool to both market and sell their tickets, most have not taken advantage of the one of the most unique features – personal RSS feeds. If you are not familar with RSS (Really Simple Sydication) it is a web feed that is commonly used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video. RSS feeds benefit publishers by letting them sydicate their content automatically to other websites (search engines, social media, news aggregators, etc.), as well as readers who can subscribe to the feed through various RSS readers (e.g. Google Reader). The RSS reader checks the user’s subscribed feeds regularly for new work, downloads any updates that it finds, and provides a user interface to monitor and read the feeds. Using RSS feeds is a great way to promote your work and maximize your audience.

What many FTC users do not realize is that we generate a unique RSS feed for each and every user ( see Discount Tickets RSS Feed). Your RSS feed includes key details from each ad you post. What is great about these RSS feeds is that you can submit them to RSS feed directories, social networking sites, your blog, and search engines to bring even more traffic to each ad you post. By sydicating your content you are not only insuring that the search engines will notice and index your ad but you are also getting your ad in front of even more users. The more people who see your ad the more likely you will be to sell your tickets. To find the URL of your ticket feed just click on “My Profile” from the User Menu when logged in. This will take you to the edit profile page. Above the modify user profile section you will see the site navigation in the “Ticket Trail” box. Click on your user name to take you to your profile. Once there, look above the “Featured Ticket Ads” and you will see a RSS icon with “Latest 20 ads of this user”. Click on that and you will be directed to your personal RSS feed. Copy that link and start spreading!

One of the best ways to utilize your personal RSS feed is to use a free tool over at TwitterFeed can take your RSS feed and automatically submit each item as a Tweet on Twitter or a status update on Facebook and FriendFeed. To see this in action check out FTC on Twiiter and our FTC Facebook Page. There is no quicker way to get your ticket ads indexed quickly and build those all important backlinks.

In addition to these personal RSS feed we also produce a RSS feed for each ticket category and/or team on Free Ticket Classifieds. These feeds are a great way for website publishers to provide relevant and fresh content to their readers and users. To see a full list of our category RSS feeds go to Free Ticket Classifieds RSS feeds.