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Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth

WinningOh, Charlie Sheen.  What kind of foolishness have you gotten into now??  Well, Mr. Sheen has decided to take his tirades on the small screen and internet to the stage.  Charlie has two live shows planned on April 2nd and 3rd in Detroit and Chicago entitled “Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth”

In case you’ve been living under a rock, let me fill you in on his escapades.  Charlie Sheen, legally known as Carlos Irwin Estevez, is the youngest son of Martin Sheen and brother of Emilio Estevez.  A brief tangent, Emilio actually seems to mostly have his act together, unlike his brother.  Emilio was part of the 80’s Brat Pack starring in The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire. He is also known for Repo Man, The Mighty Ducks and its sequels, Maximum Overdrive, and  Bobby (which he also wrote and directed).  It should be of note that Emilio’s little film, Disney’s the Mighty Ducks actually launched a real NHL Team, currently the Anaheim Ducks.  He was even engaged briefly to Demi Moore and married Paula Abdul.

Anyhoo, back the Charlie.  Sheen’s personal life with MANY reports of alcohol, drug and marital problems are legendary and plentiful.  His role as Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men on CBS made him the highest paid actor on television, earning $1.8 million per episode.  Wow!  He was, however, fired by CBS and Warner Bros from the show on March 7, 2011 for his antics. The official statement read  “After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on Two and a Half Men effective immediately.”

This is where his whole unraveling started (well, the most recent one):

  • December 25, 2009 , Sheen allegedly threatened to kill his then wife, Brooke Mueller, with a knife after she wanted a divorce in Aspen, Colo. Upon being arrested for the altercation, he told police he didn’t threaten to kill her, but was upset by the divorce threat.
  • October 26, 2010, the police removed Sheen from his suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York City after he reportedly cause more than $7,000 in damage.  According to the NYPD, Sheen admitted to drinking and using cocaine the night of the incident.  He was taken to a hospital for observation and released.  This was all despite being on vacation with his family, and ex-wife Denise Richards, Sheen reportedly also attended a wild dinner with porn stars.
  • On January 27, 2011, Sheen was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center by paramedics. Sheen’s representative said the actor was suffering from “severe abdominal pains.”
  • January 28, Sheen began undergoing a substance rehabilitation program in his home and  announced that Two and a Half Men would go on hiatus. The network subsequently announced that the current season, already under way and due to shoot its last four episodes, had been canceled after Sheen made derogatory comments about Chuck Lorre on the February 24 edition of a radio broadcast hosted by Alex Jones
  • February 28 it was reported that Warner Bros. officially banned Sheen from entering the Warner Bros.’s production lot.
  • February 28, during a national television interview in his home, Sheen publicly demanded a 50% raise for the show Two and a Half Men.  Already the highest-paid actor on television, Sheen demanded $3 million per episode.  He also starts heavy Twitter usage and keeps referencing “Winning” and “Tigers Blood”.
  • March 7, Charlie Sheen is fired from Two and a Half Men.

Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth Dates:

Saturday, April 2nd, Fox Theater, Detroit Michigan – Charlie Sheen LIVE Tickets

Sunday, April 3rd, Chicago Theater, Chicago, IL.  – Charlie Sheen LIVE Tickets

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