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Top Weekend Events March 11 – 13

PBRWelcome to your Wednesday!

It certainly is an odd mix of things that are topping the charts this week, huh.  There’s everything from Bull Riding to Disney to Spring Training to Comedy and everything in between.

The Professional Bull Riders show up on the list for their Hampton Invitational where the riders seek valuable qualifying points for the 2011 Professional Bull Riders Tour Finals. The Hampton Invitational is part of the PBR’s Touring Pro Series. Money earned by the riders at PBR Hampton Invitational counts toward the PBR qualifier standings that determine which cowboys will compete at the 2011 Professional Bull Riders Tour Finals in Las Vegas NV.  Get all that?

As far as sports go, obviously March Madness kicks off this week with the regional tournaments including the Big Ten which appears on our list below and the Big East which has HUGE expectations for their outcomes.  Ohio State University and Pittsburgh are expected to come out on top of those tournaments.  The Yankees are the first official MLB baseball team to make the list in 2011.  I was betting it was going to be the Red Sox.  Oh well.

On the music scene, Flogging Molly is not of any surprise to me.  St. Patty’s day is almost upon us and FM’s Irish/Celtic rock sound is immensely popular this time of year.  Rascal Flatts is also showing up on the list with their big tour Nothing Like This.   Their shows are heavy on special effects, including videos, pyrotechnics and laser lights.  Kid Rock makes another appearance on the list.  And Girl Talk, also known as Gregg Michael Gillis, is an American musician that specializes in mashups and digital sampling.  The Houston Rodeo is also going on this weekend.  Other upcoming acts at the HR include: Lady Antebellum, Kid Rock (again!), KISS, Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown Band, Brad Paisley and Jason Aldean.  Tracy Morgan should not go unmentioned, given his popularity with Saturday Night Live (SNL) and 30 Rock.  This is one funny man!

1.)    PBR, Hampton Coliseum , Hampton, VA March 11th

2.)    Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Pantages Theater, March 12th

3.)    Flogging Molly, Uptown Theater Kansas City, MO – March 13th

4.)    Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament, Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN – March 11th

5.)    New York Yankees’ Tickets Spring Training, George M Steinbrenner Field, Tampa, Florida – March 11

6.)    Girl Talk, Ogden Theater, Denver Colorado – March 11th

7.)    Kid Rock, Mississippi Coliseum, Jackson, MS  March 11th

8.)    Rascal Flatts, Oklahoma City Arena, Oklahoma, OK, March 12th

9.)    Tracy Morgan, Borgata Music Box Theater, Atlantic City, NJ – March 12th

10.) Houston Rodeo – Gary Allan, Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX – March 12th

2010 MLB Playoff Schedule Set!


The 2010 MLB Playoff teams are all set and ready to begin action on Wednesday 10/6/2010

As the 2010 MLB regular season comes to a conclusion tonight, MLB has release the schedule for the upcoming 2010 playoffs.  In the National League, the Philadelphia Phillies will get the #1 seed and will face the #3 seeded Cincinnati Reds. Since the wildcard winner came out of the NL East, the Atlanta Braves will meet the #2 seeded San Francisco Giants.  In the American League, the top seeded Tampa Bay Rays will square off against the #3 Texas Rangers, while the #2 seeded Minnesota Twins will face the New York Yankees.

The NLDS and ALDS will kickoff on Wednesday October 6th,2010.  Wednesday will feature 3 Division Series games including the Rangers @ Rays, Yankees @ Twins, and Red @ Phillies.  The complete 2010 Playoff Schedule is as follows:

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees
ALDS Game 1:  Rays vs Rangers Wednesday, Oct. 6 ALDS Game 1: Twins vs Yankees Wednesday, Oct. 6
ALDS Game 2:  Rays vs Rangers Thursday, Oct. 7 ALDS Game 2: Twins vs Yankees Thursday, Oct. 7
ALDS Game 3:  Rangers vs Rays Saturday, Oct. 9 ALDS Game 3: Yankees vs Twins Saturday, Oct. 9
ALDS Game 4:  Rangers vs Rays Sunday, Oct. 10 ALDS Game 4: Yankees vs Twins Sunday, Oct. 10
ALDS Game 5:  Rays vs Rangers Tuesday, Oct. 12 ALDS Game 5: Twins vs Yankees Tuesday, Oct. 12
Philadelphia Phillies  vs. Cincinnati Reds San Francisco Giants vs.Atlanta Braves
NLDS Game 1:  Phillies vs Reds Wednesday, Oct. 6 NLDS Game 1: Giants vs Braves Thursday, Oct. 7
NLDS Game 2:  Phillies vs Reds Friday, Oct. 8 NLDS Game 2: Giants vs Braves Friday, Oct. 8
NLDS Game 3:  Reds vs Phillies Sunday, Oct. 10 NLDS Game 3: Braves vs Giants Sunday, Oct. 10
NLDS Game 4:  Reds vs Phillies Monday, Oct. 11 NLDS Game 4: Braves vs Giants Monday, Oct. 11
NLDS Game 5:  Phillies vs Reds Wednesday, Oct. 13 NLDS Game 5: Giants vs Braves Wednesday, Oct. 13

Although, many baseball and sports fans alike have already turned their attention to college and NFL football, baseball purist are eagerly awaiting the start of the MLB Playoffs. This season will feature some familiar faces with the Yankees, Phillies, Braves, and Twins all qualifying for the post season once again. However, this season also features some yound and exciting surprises such as the Reds, Rangers, Rays, and Giants. No matter which team you are rooting for be sure to check out our MLB Classifieds to find the best deals on MLB Playoff Tickets.