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Tickifieds Launches “Tickifieds Direct” Beta

Tickifieds Direct Beta Launch DayIn an effort to provide greater service to our loyal users, Glowfly Media LLC is excited to announce the official launch of Tickifieds Direct (Beta).  We have partnered with one of the largest sources of event tickets in an effort to provide visitors with more  choices when considering buying tickets and access to even more events.  While the primary mission of Tickifieds free ticket classifieds is, and continues to be, to provide an open and transparent marketplace where ticket owners can sell their tickets and compete to gain your business, we noticed that many events were not listed on our classifieds.  After careful analysis of our traffic and internal search data, we realized that as many as 25% of our visitors were searching for tickets that had not yet been listed.  Rolling out Tickifieds Direct is a way to keep ticket buyers from leaving the site without finding what they are looking for.  Afterall, the goal of Tickifieds is to become the defacto place to shop for tickets to sporting events, concerts, and theatre.

As mentioned above, Tickifieds Direct will help fill in the events that are missing from our classified listings.  With hundreds of events taking place everyday, it is unrealistic to think that users will post tickets for sale to each of these events.  What we find is that most people who list tickets on our classifieds are listing the more popular events.  For example, a simple query for a popular performer like country music star Jason Aldean will result in over 380 ads with nearly 950 tickets available.  However, a search for a less popular performer like pianist Stephen Hough and you will find just 2 tickets available. While this makes perfect sense for anyone selling tickets, it certainly doesn’t provide visitors to our site with an adequate amount of options for their entertainment dollar.

If you haven’t yet checked out Tickifieds Direct, please do.    Since we are in the Beta phase we are always looking to improve the site and make it more user friendly.  If you have any suggestions or tips on how we can improve the site please leave us a comment!


  • Bob

    I think this would be a conflict as you now sell your own tickets that compete with ours and have a search link with discount next to every ad posted directly under the picture. Also, having these plugins are probably going to cost you page ranking for the tickifieds site  as google will now put you in with the rest of the plug-in ticket sellers and not with classified ads. I used to be able to find a tickified ad in the first 5 pages of every search. Now it is hard to find an ad 20 pages back. You should concentrate more on making the classified site have better seo and have a seperate website for your ticket sales. Bob.

    • Gary Tickifieds

      Thanks for the comment Bob.  We actually got hit pretty hard by the Google Penguin  update and that is why our ranking have suffered a bit (we didn’t even launch Tickifieds Direct until after our search ranking dropped significantly).  Quite a few of our ads still rank extremely well but as you pointed out, not all of them, and certainly not like we used to.  

      Part of the reason we decided to launch Tickifieds Direct was to help our SEO efforts by being able to diversify our classifieds listings.  I think one of the reasons we got hit by google was the fact that we have 100’s of ads for popular acts but very few for the more obscure events (see above Jason Aldean vs Stephen Hough). 

      That said, you are probably correct that it is a bit of a conflict to have the Tickifieds search box there.  So, we will be taking that down shorty.  Keep the suggestions coming..they are certainly appreciated.