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Top 10 Fathers Day Ticket Gifts

Last Minute Fathers Day Gift IdeasEvery year many people struggle finding that perfect gift for their fathers on fathers day.  After all, how many times can you give your dad a tacky tie or a tool that will just take up space in the garage.  A new trend for father’s day gifts is giving the gift of tickets.  For many fathers, including myself, what more could you ask for than a day set aside to spend time with your kids at the local ballpark, concert venue, or even the race track.  So with that in mind, we have provided all the slackers out there who have yet to pick out their fathers day gift our Top 10 list of Tickets to give on Fathers Day!

Top 10 Fathers Day Ticket Gifts

1.  MLB Baseball

Nothing is more American or “Dad” than baseball.  What a perfect tradition to start – catching a ball game together on father’s day.  What great is that MLB baseball tickets are  surprisingly affordable and easy to get (especially in June).

2.  NFL Football

Football and fatherhood seem to go hand in hand.  While the NFL in June is a bit of an afterthought, many do not realize that tickets for the 2012-13 season are already available for purchase. With preseason games starting up in less than 2 months there is no better time to set aside a Sunday to spend with your father.

3.  Bruce Springsteen

The Boss is currently on Tour with the E Street Band and is extremely popular with dads in the 40-50 year old range.  What’s great about Bruce is that his music is timeless and can easily be enjoyed by both father and child.


Another sport extremely popular with the men is auto racing.  With both the Sprint Cup Series and Nationwide Series running through the summer, a NASCAR weekend is never a bad gift for the motorsport loving dads out there.

5.  College Football

Many, especially in the South, consider college football a bigger attraction than even the NFL.  For those fathers out there a ticket to their favorite college football team’s game is about as good as it gets.  What’s even better is that tickets to just about every upcoming college football game is already available and deals can be had for those who buy early.

6.  Jimmy Buffet

For those with “Parrot-head” parents, what better fathers day gift than tickets to see Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band. Jimmy Buffett is touring through the US once again this summer.

7.  WWE

Ok, so maybe not all dads are into professional wrestling but there are not many better fathers-son bonding events than the WWE.  The WWE is constantly on tour so there should be no shortage of events from  to to chose from nearby.

8.  Neil Young

For all the old fogy rocker dads out there, seeing Neil Young back with Crazy Horse would bring back some memories.  So if you dad is going through a mid-life crisis getting some Neil Young tickets might be the way to go!

9.  PGA Golf

Taking in a golf tournament is not for everyone but the vast majority of dads either play golf or watch golf.  If your dad is a fan of golf there are dozens for PGA tournaments scheduled for this summer.

10.  Soccer

Ok, so maybe I wouldn’t have any interest in spending my father’s day watching soccer but it is the most popular sport in the world and tickets seem to be getting more and more popular.  Whether you want to catch one of the ‘exciting’ MLS games or an international friendly, soccer tickets are a great gift for any soccer loving dad.