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With the NBA Finals and NHL Stanley Cup just about over, sports fans not interested in baseball have already turned their attention to College and NFL Football.  However, with the recent talk of NCAA conference realignment the sports world is buzzing with debate over NCAA football.  All the controversy started when the Big 10 announced they will be expanding the conference to 14 teams beginning as early as 2011.  As soon as this was announced everyone began talking about what 3 teams may be headed to the Big 10.  Speculation began with top college football programs like Notre Dame, Texas, Nebraska, Missouri, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Maryland, and many others rumored to be on the Big 10’s shortlist.

All the rumors also stirred up trouble for other conferences as fear of losing a top college program crept in.  Most notably the Big 12 is in a state of disarray as the thought of losing  powerhouse programs like Texas and Nebraska would leave the Big 12 in shambles.  In fact all the rumors caused the first domino to fall as Colorado announced that it will be joining the PAC 10.  The Colorado decision paved the way for Nebraska to officially announce that it will be joining the Big 10.

This is only the tip of the iceberg as many experts expect conference alignments to undergo some radical changes all of which could be announced later this summer.  Realignment rumors and buzz have many fans worried that many traditional college football rivalry games will cease to exist if teams end up heading to different conferences. This has led to a huge rush of fans looking for tickets to perhaps their favorite teams final year in their conference.  The month of June has already been good for college football ticket sales.  Below is a list of the top 10 hottest college football tickets as measured by the number of unique visitors to Free Ticket Classifieds.

Top 10 Hottest 2010 College Football Tickets
1 Alabama Crimson Tide  Football Tickets
2 Texas Longhorns Football Tickets
3 Florida Gators Football Tickets
4 Ohio State Buckeyes Football Tickets
5 Penn State Nittany Lions Football Tickets
6 Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Tickets
7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Tickets
8 Wisconsin Badgers Footaball Tickets
9 Clemson Tigers Football Tickets
10 Virginia Tech Hokies Football Tickets

No matter what flavor of NCAA football you prefer, Free Ticket Classifieds has plenty of tickets available to just about every 2010 College  football game.  If you are looking to buy or sell college football tickets be sure to check out our College Football Ticket Classifieds!