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So, here it is Wednesday again, the first weekend in March.  Given what this important month is should be of zero surprise that college basketball is exceptionally popular already.  March Madness is in the air and ravenous fans are clamoring for the big title.  It should be of note that the next Sunday, March 13th is Selection Sunday, followed by First Four/Play-in game(s) then the first and second round games which include:

North Carolina and Duke perpetually place very high in the tournament and this year should be no different.  They also hold the title for fiercest rivalry in the NCAA.  The strength of the rivalry is amplified by the proximity of the two schools, located only eight miles apart.  Be sure to watch this game!

Showing up another couple times on the top weekend list is Mr. Trey Anastasio. Man!  This guy is on fire!  Perhaps his popularity has something to do with the fact that Phish recently announced their new summer tour?

Also, Comedy Central star, Daniel Tosh, makes an impressive showing on the list.  His show, Tosh.0 is incredibly hilarious and draws in big crowds each week.  It should be of no surprise that his live show also brings in a bring crowd.

Selena Gomez holds down the top place on the list.  Is it due to her budding romance with teen pop star, Justin Beiber?  The world may never know.

Top Events for the Weekend in March:

1.)    Selena Gomez, Houston Rodeo, Texas – March 6th

2.)    North Carolina vs. Duke Basketball, Dean Smith Center, Chapel Hill, NC – March 5th

3.)    Tennessee vs. Kentucky Basketball, Thompson – Boling Arena, Knoxville, TN  – March 6th

4.)    Trey Anastasio, Music Box at the Fonda, Hollywood, CA – March 4th

5.)    Depaul vs. Syracuse, Syracuse New York, March 5th

6.)    Daniel Tosh, Benedum center for the Performing Arts – March 5th

7.)    Trey Anastasio, Fox Theater, Oakland, CA– March 5th

8.)    Sams Town 300, Las Vegas Speedway, Las Vegas, NV – March 5th

9.)    Daniel Tosh, Fox Theatre, Detroit, MI – March 4th

10.)  Baylor vs. Texas, Waco Texas – March 5th